Friday, June 29, 2012

The Dumbest Thing About Fox News's Reaction to the Healthcare Decision

People have diverse political opinions, and most of them are good people.  I'm pretty much cool with whatever you think as long as you're not an asshole about it.  I don't dislike Fox News because they cover most things conservatively.  If they were just honest about doing that, it'd be fine.  I hate Fox News because their slogan is "Fair and Balanced" and they are neither.  Just be straight with us, alright?

But by far the stupidest thing they are saying about the healthcare bill is that they're pissed off that much of it was upheld because it was determined the penalty for not buying health insurance is a tax.  They didn't like it when it was said it wasn't a tax either, but do the semantics really matter to the masses?  No.  It doesn't matter to us if it's a tax or a penalty, it's something we have to pay.  The only difference is that one is constitutional and one is not, and because the language was ambiguous enough, it's being called a tax. 

If you don't like that it was upheld as constitutional, just say that.  Don't get all butthurt that it's not called what you want it to be called.  It's just a word, it means the same thing either way. 

Now.  Argue your points, minions.

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