Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ghost Story in July

This might make a better October post, but it's a strange story I feel like sharing today. 

I'll start by saying I'm a skeptic.  I love Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures for their entertainment value, but I rarely see anything on there that I can't explain logically, and I recognize that the things I *do* see that I can't explain logically are probably still explainable by someone of greater mental capacities.  The guys on Mythbusters could probably do it.  Up until the incident I'm about to share with you, I have never experienced any paranormal stuff that wasn't caused by my trickster little brother trying to make me pee myself, nor have I experienced anything after.

But I have a story that I cannot for the life of me figure out logically.

This happened in the winter of 2008, while I was pregnant with my daughter.  I was house/babysitting for a friend/mentor.  She lived in a mid-sized old Victorian brick house with gorgeous original hardwood floors that creaked and groaned in real charm that nothing but time can produce.  I stayed in the house with my husband and we looked out for her 13 year old grandson, made sure he got to school and did his homework, and kept the plants watered and chickens fed while she was away in Mexico.  One day Max decided he wanted to sleep in his own bed.  The bed we were given was to comfort what Saw IV is to the feel good movie of the summer.  It was a remarkably thin pallet on a plywood board on the bottom of a bunk bed.  I was pregnant and already uncomfortable, but I didn't blame him (to his face).  I had a responsibility, so I stayed.

That night I turned in early.  I heard the kid go to bed shortly after I did.  Maybe 10 minutes later I heard what sounded like a hard rubber ball roll across the hardwood floor.  I had been sleeping there for a week at this point and I had never heard anything like it.  I figured that a ball had rolled out of the kid's room and assuaged my "OMG THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED RUN" instinct with that.  But then a few minutes later without any footsteps sounding on those loud hardwood floors, whatever it was rolled *back* down the hallway.  If a ball could roll out of the room and down the hall, how could it also roll back?  That would mean it was rolling uphill, one way or another, and what accounts for the pause of MINUTES between rolling down the hall and rolling back up?

The next morning on the way to school the kid started talking about how the house was haunted by my friend's uncle who had died and followed her.  He said that weird stuff was always happening.  Weird smells, weird sounds, and if they yelled at him to stop, the noises/happenings stopped.  I hadn't asked about the sounds I'd heard.  I asked the kid if he had any large rubber balls, or anything that could have rolled down the hall.  His response was that teenager stare... you know, the one that simultaneously says "You're stupid" and "I'm not a baby any more!" and "Bite me, old person" (even though I was only 7 years his senior) in the most annoying way possible.  I peeked in his room without going in and didn't see a ball.  Not to mention that his room was right at the top of the stairs.  The ball would have had to go around them to roll down the hall.

Nothing else happened while I was there.  I know it's not as exciting as seeing apparitions or blood dripping down a wall or creepy little girls singing off-key nursery rhymes, but this really happened, and I really don't have any way to explain it.  What rolled down the hall?  How did it roll back?  Where was the object in the morning? 

Feel free to tell me what you think it was!

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