Saturday, August 2, 2014

Boobs for Peace is an Awesome Argument

These women decided to exercise their rights to bare breasts in protest of the recent influx of people exercising their rights to bear arms by walking around with weapons in threatening positions.

What I find so freaking funny about this video is:
  • The dudes in the video seem to have absolutely NO comprehension of how parallel the two groups are. "You're provocateurs! Why do you have to have them out and uncovered? This is offensive!" Yeah, dip, a lot of people think the same thing about you carrying a loaded automatic weapon at low ready through crowded city streets. 
  • The women's point being argued with breasts is so freaking perfect. 
  • The editing to make fun of their bodies just makes me think they have no counterargument for them, because they CAN'T counter argue them without invalidating their own points.

Look, your right to bear arms is important to me. I don't have a problem with open carry. I have a problem with idiots making people uncomfortable to prove a point that doesn't even need to be made, least of all in Texas, precisely because they are being provocateurs, and seeking attention. That's why the counterargument with boobs is so perfect.
What do you think?

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