Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ISATNUDOGAM Awareness Month

You see? There's a goddamn ribbon for everything.

I officially dub October "I'm Sick and Tired Nigh Unto Death of Goddamn Awareness Months" Awareness Month. For the sake of brevity I will refer to it as ISATNUDOGAM Awareness Month (pronounced "I sat nude oh gam"). Here I will be discussing all the myriad ways awareness months do anything but benefit me, personally, other people with anxiety, and society at large.

Your Day 1 ISATNUDOGAM trivia:

I, and virtually all other people on the planet, already know that breast cancer exists, is prevalent, and destroys lives. We do not need to be more aware of this. In fact, being more aware of it makes me, and a lot of other women, freak out about our boobs for no goddamn good reason. Do you have boobs? Do you like boobs? Then do something useful about breast cancer, and encourage women to breastfeed for longer, eat well, exercise, and freaking SHUT UP ABOUT BREAST CANCER ALREADY, OR THE BOOBS WILL BE OFF LIMITS BECAUSE I WILL BE CONVINCED THEY ARE CONTAGIOUS WITH CANCER.


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